1. Late sessions. Sessions last for 60 minutes. If session begins late due to the client, the sessions will end at the scheduled time. If session begins late because of me, the session will last an hour from when it starts and you will receive a refund for the session.
  2. Cancellations: Client must cancel at least 24 hours before the session to avoid being charged for the session. All last minute cancellations will be charged, unless there is a reasonable emergency.
  3. Rescheduling: Sessions may be rescheduled without charge with advance notice (at least 24 hours before the session).
  4. Client Rights: You have the right to stop any workout or exercise at any time if you feel any pain or discomfort or if you do not want to perform a particular exercise.
  5. Requirements: Clients need to dress appropriately and wear proper athletic shoes.

* Requirements for Partner Training.
For partner training, both clients should have similar goals and fitness levels. I reserve the right to refuse partner training if I believe one person is at a different fitness level than the other. This can possibly compromise the quality of each person's workout, especially if one person needs more instruction or attention.

Get fit now, or your pallbearers will hate you for it...

Steve Mitchell